Saturday, December 1, 2007

kqwiet - Once Was (2004)

kqwiet - Once Was
(2004 SeaBE REL 054)

...a paranormal release, possibly the most eerie recording i've been affiliated with. The recording is comprised of various instruments highly manipulated along with field recordings from location(s) in Utah known for paranormal activity. Listen with caution. It's available re-upped at 320 K below!

Part 2


1. Once Was... (Isolation?) (31:29)
2. The Hallways Of A Thousand Years (47:54)

Friday, November 30, 2007

kqwiet - Still Life (2004)

kqwiet - Still Life
(2004 SeaBE REL 057)

Another from the kqwiet discography. Experimental soundcapes and atmosphere. Get it below now at 320 K (Re-Upload):

Part 2


1. Vessels Of Isis (The Fires Of The Ancients) (17:04)
2. Pearls For Every Swine (12:34)
3. Skyclad Over Dunes Of Endless Orange (10:47)
4. Still Life (Where Are You Now?) (19:07)
5. Before The Dust Cleared (9:00)

HOTH(e) - Twilight And Eclipse (2003)

HOTH(e) - Twilight And Eclipse
(2003 SeaBE REL 050)

...recommended for headphones late at night, or in the darkness in a very quiet atmosphere with just a candle or two... Here is a Re-Upload at 320!

Part 1
Part 2


1. Cinders (2:08)
2. The Long Dark Path Through The Sands Of Time (15:23)
3. Between Two Points Of Light (3:39)
4. Tundra (4:54)
5. (A Swirling Presence In The) Black Skies (4:34)
6. A Faith In Ashes (6:14)
7. Lakelife (4:38)
8. Autumn Daydream (3:39)
9. A Faint Glimpse Of Time (3:20)
10. One Thousand Corridors Of Light (13:33)
11. Mist Over The Plains At Dawn (Nature's Rebirth) (3:51)

kqwiet - Seas Of Black Time (2002)

kqwiet - Seas Of Black Time
(2002 SeaBE REL 044)

...and here's a helping of dark ambience. This album was recorded under the weather. A concept album about the middle of oceans in a storm. Get it now! This is a Re-Upload @ 320 K.

Part 1
Part 2


Seas Of Black Time (Suite) (Total Time 79:55)
I. In The Cold, A Neverending Sail On Ice (10:02)
II. Past The Point Of Warming (2:29)
III. A Rude Awakening From Hibernation (25:49)
IV. As We Hover, Overhead They Watch (7:09)
V. Port Noir, Will We Ever See Home Again? (20:12)
VI. Lighthouse, Approaching Safe Harbour (14:11)

Monday, November 26, 2007

HOTH(e) - Gypsy Of White Meadows (2004 EP)

HOTH(e) - Gypsy Of White Meadows
(2004 SeaBE Productions)

Post number two was the last very very limited EP from HOTH(e). There is to be another album but it could take some time. This was SeaBE REL 068 from late 2004 featuring guest vocals from my close friend Juli (who is also the cover model) on the title track. Enjoy all!

You Can Get This One Here!


1. Gypsy Of The White Meadows (5:20)
2. (The Well) Near The Lifeless Trees (2:27)
3. The Icy Winds Of Freedom (North) (5:00)
4. Dreaming Of Sunset (5:19)
5. The Invisible Surface Of The Stars (2:28)

Luaith - O' Wisp My Soul O' Wake (2003)

(2003 SeaBE Productions)

...and here it is folks! The first rare release post. This is release number 56 on this underground CD-R label. The music is somewhat of a dark ambient world music flavor. This is the first of 3 releases by Luaith. Hope you enjoy it! There will be more rarities to come from cassettes and out of print releases. Ripped @ 256 KBS (151 MB) in two parts with full artwork, you can get it free right HERE!

Part One

Part Two


1. Prelude: SauTu Sown (1:27)
2. Ode To My Mother (Revisited) (3:41)
3. Omni (:59)
4. The Wind A Whisper (21:44)
5. This Dream Once More (1:24)
6. Beltane (11:36)
7. Cold (5:12)
8. In The Depths Of Never More (23:34)
9. Fade-Away (8:58)

Copyright ©2003 SeaBE Productions
SeaBE REL 056


Jaa Bury: Treatments, Birth, Echoes Of Light, Shades Of Black

Lisa Olivea-Ward: Voices, Ghosts and Lavendar Song

Matthew Ward: Drones, Strings, Percussion, and Gray Daydreams

Additional sounds and instrumentation by Brett Sundberg, Marylin, Greg Jessop, and Mike Pershon


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