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HOTH(e) - Twilight And Eclipse (2003 Re-Upload)'s been re-ripped and uploaded at 320K here!

kqwiet - Sleep (2007)

kqwiet - Sleep (2007 8ctopus Records OCTO 011) (320 K)

Sounds created for drifting straight into an REM zone of rest...

The CD-R was limited to 25.

It is posted here!


1. Sleep - Movement I (9:38)
2. Sleep - Movement II (11:32)
3. Sleep - Movement III (30:32)
4. Sleep - Movement IV (9:23)

All sounds by kqwiet.

Eli Morrison, CJ Bury & Jeremy Smith - The Blue Door (2007)

Eli Morrison, CJ Bury & Jeremy Smith - The Blue Door (2007 8ctopus Records OCTO 010)

This was an album that took a long time in the making to get it all correct. What we have here is a spacey conceptual album with some odd percussion!

This CD-R was released through 8octopus Records! Check the label out
here for many many great releases!

This release was a limited CD-R edition of 25. It is available online here!


1. The Blue Door (Part I) (7:56)
2. The Blue Door (Part II) (3:55)
3. The Blue Door (Part III) (14:16)
4. The Blue Door (Part IV) (7:00)
5. The Blue Door (Part V) (10:39)
6. The Blue Door (Part VI) (3:35)

This album was crafted from 2000 to 2007 on Neptune, Most beautiful of all planets.

Sounds created and recorded by Jeremy Smith & Eli Morrison. Sound design, edit, additional keyboards, edit, sequence & assembly by CJ Bury.

Instrumentation: electric piano, hydrophone, AD-202 Delay Unit, drums & percussion, static and synth.

HOTH(e) - Melt (2001)

HOTH(e) - Melt (2001 SeaBE REL 040) (320 K)

This release is possibly the most electronic, next to the earlier 'Eye', release from HOTH(e). Utilizing a lot of digital programs combined with voice layering & manipulation.

Get it below!

Part 1
Part 2


1. Out Of The Icy Frozen Lake (2:51)
2. Upon The Dust (6:24)
3. Shifting Plates (5:16)
4. Aysle Of Waves (11:32)
5. We Shall Land (7:41)
6. Asail A Sky, A Cloud (6:59)
7. Seven Lights (30:49)
8. Was It Only A Dream? (1:46)

Fall into the dream, rise above the ice...

kqwiet - A Light In The Mountain (2001)

kqwiet - A Light In The Mountain (2001 SeaBE REL 039) (320 K)

Here is an early kqwiet work, the fifth album to be precise. Enjoy!

Part 1
Part 2


1. The Northern Dam (19:33)
2. 4 AM (3:38)
3. Cascade Falls / The Fog (8:02)
4. Centre Of The Tree (5:22)
5. Underwater Breathing (Formerly Anenemie) (6:35)
6. They Are Watching Us (1:00)
7. The Presence (3:44)
8. Amidst The Wind (4:55)
9. Upsurge (3:06)
10. A Jarring Of The Egg (3:43)
11. Night's Eye (12:30)

Aural Textures provided by kqwiet.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kqwiet - New HQ post of Seas Of Black Time

Posted @ 320 here

kqwiet - KuAllaahnista (2002)

kqwiet - KuAllaahnista (2002 SeaBE REL 045) (320 K)

This release is probably the most known from kqwiet. The theme is based mainly on cultures overseas (Mainly Asia). Enjoy!

Part 1
Part 2


1. KuAllaahnista (8:04)
2. Dawn Of The Lion (6:56)
3. Sketches In The Temple Of Light (3:34)
4. A Kindred Spirit (7:35)
5. ~1i (2:25)
6. The Colour Of Kharma (6:37)
7. Behl Dogs (4:45)
8. Life Frozen Beneath Tibet (10:32)

All sounds, manipulation, field recordings & instruments by kqwiet 2002.

kqwiet - Arise (A Point Of Reference) (2005)

kqwiet - Arise (A Point Of Reference) (2005 SeaBE REL 070 2005) (320 K)

Another release from the vault. This one was created but due to monetary issues, never got released. The theme of this album revolves around the Iraq war, and avoiding the real hunt... Osama... It's happened and here are my mental audio thoughts on it (ie... several dead for no reason...). This is not a political blog persay but the last 8 years were important for any friends of mine ;) Now, we're down to the ridiculous... (not referring to Obama)... referring to folks on their last leg, you know what I mean. I just have a passion against people being used for falsehoods, and I support the soldiers who are much more willing than I. All the best! Phonhed!

Get It Here!

Part 1

Part 2


1. Psychosis Of The People (Nations' In Fear) (3:11)

2. In The Chambers Of The Heart (4:30)

3. As Memories And Dreams Unite (6:40)

4. Pollutants Within The Brain's Eye (1:34)

5. Exmission Of The Soul From The Body (3.59)

6. Atop The Mountain Of Life (3:57)

7. The Chimes Of Reprisal (0:35)

8. Money For Faith And The Death Of Mankind (5:23)

9. The Face Of A God Within A Black Oil (1:11)

10. Wound (0:22)

11. The Final Thoughts Of A Dying Soldier (4:38)

12. The Deserted Tomb (8:18)

13. A Post-War Lullaby (1:12)

14. Along The Trail, We Were Lost (5:33)

15. Roaming Amidst A Dead Planet (4:15)

16. Gone, All Gone (1:05)

17. All That Is Left (4:34)

All sounds, samples, instruments, and manipulation by kqwiet 2005.

kqwiet - Hymn To The Moon (2007)

kqwiet - Hymn To The Moon (2007 SeaBE REL 077) (320 K)

This work was born as the sequel to Circles Around The Sun and used many of the same sound sources (although sounding much different). This is one of the many previously unreleased SeaBE releases. The cover jpg is included in the RAR files.

(Note: All parts are necessary to extract the files). Enjoy!

Part 1
Part 2


1. Hymn To The Moon (46:04)

All Percussion, Instrumentation And Sound Manipulation by kqwiet.

HOTH(e) - After The Summer Solstice (Unreleased Single) (2007)

Just to note: This piece was basically created as a backing track to another collaboration I did with a friend under the name Sunfall On Echoes. This version has not been released in any format. Recorded in 2007, it may become a part of the final? HOTH(e) album which is still a work in slow progress. Enjoy!

Get it here!

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Any problems with the links to anyone who visits?

If so, please let us know by commenting below the album in question. There are many more albums and cassettes to come. I plan to be much more active on this blog. Hope you enjoy the shares!


Friday, July 10, 2009

HOTH(e) - Music From The Short Film ''Interrupted Passage'' (2006)

HOTH(e) - Music From The Short Film ''Interrupted Passage'' (2006 SeaBE 071)
(320 K)

An Edited Soundtrack to a short film directed and filmed by Tim Welch. The original full edition of the music will be posted later (entitled Medium: Girl In White Chair). The film itself will only be posted at the wishes of the creator of the film. Enjoy!

Part 1!
Part 2!

01. Rain (2:08)
02. Why Am I Here? Where Am I? (4:23)
03. The Presence Of A Young Woman Long Since Passed (7:12)
04. Vague Interruptions (3:43)
05. Am I Alive Or Wandering? (1:53)
06. Dim Candlelit Chamber (Interrupted Passage) (2:55)
07. (What Went On) In His Head? (6:19)
08. Perception Continues To Murder Truth Again And Again (3:21)
09. If I Could Fly... (Part One) (10:25)
10. ...I'd Dream Away My Cares In You (Part Two) (10:44)
11. Searching For Light (7:51)
12. Trapped Within Her Own Dark World (1:44)
13. Free... (Reprise)