Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ether - Music For Air Raids V 2.0 (2009)

Ether - Music For Air Raids V 2.0 (2009 ROTORELIEF ROTOR0012)
This is the latest release from Ether...and is well worth the cost of admission!
There is a sample available at the ROTORELIEF site if you're curious. You can also hear Ether here! for those who are unfamiliar with their music.
I highly recommend this album for anyone into looking. Plenty of guitarscapes and sounds. This is one of my latest favorites. It is a vinyl only remix of Ether's 2000 release on Extreme Music, but definitely sounds fresh.
For anyone ever in the Salt Lake City area, I recommend seeing this band live.
Additional Ether is available through 8ctopus Records and through Extreme Music.
1. Dresden (19.21)
2. Tokyo (18.23)
Highly Recommended! I will not post a download link as this is available for purchase directly from ROTORELIEF!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HOTH(e) - Mythos (1998)

HOTH(e) - Mythos (1998 SeaBE REL 008)

It's an oldie from HOTH(e), recorded on 4-track analog. No digital manipulation added, with the exception of the remastering for additional stereo sound. Remastered from the original 4-track cassette.

It's available below!


1. Cyclos (21:27)
2. Mythos (23:04)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Artwork is included in the archive downloads.

High quality scans...

kqwiet - Once Was Re-Uploaded @ 320 K

It's Available Here!

kqwiet - Still Life Re-Uploaded @ 320

Get It Here

kqwiet & brain - Bloodlands Of The Rising Tide (2003)

kqwiet & brain - Bloodlands Of The Rising Tide (2003 SeaBE REL 059)

This is one not to miss! Surround sound soundscapes. Headphones or surround speakers recommended. A definite favorite of mine.

It's here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Metamorphosis (41:37)

1. Metamorphosis I: The Last Of The Machines (9:08)
2. Metamorphosis II: Submerged, Below (3:19)
3. Metamorphosis III: Out Of The Light To Freeze Evermore (3:20)
4. Metamorphosis IV: Warp (6:03)
5. Metamorphosis V: In The Silence (3:47)
6. Metamorphosis VI: Humanity, Nihil (4:55)
7. Metamorphosis VII: Caught In A Dream (8:31)
8. Metamorphosis VIII: Post-47 (2:29)

Drowned, Buried, Bruised (14:12)

9. Drowned, Buried, Bruised I: Searching To Find, Pieces Of The Mind (8:51)
10. Drowned, Buried, Bruised II: Calling For The Answer (1:00)
11. Drowned, Buried, Bruised III: ...Answering To The Call (0:43)
12. Drowned, Buried, Bruised IV: A Place For One To Awaken (3:37)

Long After The Fall (19:52)

13. Long After The Fall I: Child Out Of Time (4:12)
14. Long After The Fall II: The Ides Of Stone (Deep Crevace) (3:48)
15. Long After The Fall III: Geographical Mindtongues (2:11)
16. Long After The Fall IV: The River, Frozen Still (3:14)
17. Long After The Fall V: Echoes (2:15)
18. Long After The Fall VI: For One To Never, Preservation (4:09)

kqwiet - Below The Gallows Of Humanity (2005)

kqwiet - Below The Gallows Of Humanity (2005 SeaBE REL 069)

A somewhat odd experiment. Make of it what you will. An unreleased album at this point, a study in loops.

It's available below:

Part 1
Part 2


1. Shelter (Part One) (16:55)
2. Below The Gallows Of Humanity / Within The Eye Of The Storm (45:46)
3. Shelter (Part Two) (8:41)

kqwiet - Lioknse (2004)

kqwiet - Lioknse (2004 SeaBE REL 066)

A bit of a different one here from kqwiet, in a way, it could be considered a sequel to the Still Life album... though it wasn't meant to be. Beginning with a more electronic sampled upbeat number, it slowly drifts into psychedelic hysteria. You can get it below:


1. Alive Again (8:05)
2. (for the fallen) (0:08)
3. Lioknse (5:01)
4. The Birth Of Jonahh (16:09)
5. EyEto BoR (4:02)
6. Longing Overlasting (21:38)
7. The Death Of Jonahh (16:12)