Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ether - Music For Air Raids V 2.0 (2009)

Ether - Music For Air Raids V 2.0 (2009 ROTORELIEF ROTOR0012)
This is the latest release from Ether...and is well worth the cost of admission!
There is a sample available at the ROTORELIEF site if you're curious. You can also hear Ether here! for those who are unfamiliar with their music.
I highly recommend this album for anyone into looking. Plenty of guitarscapes and sounds. This is one of my latest favorites. It is a vinyl only remix of Ether's 2000 release on Extreme Music, but definitely sounds fresh.
For anyone ever in the Salt Lake City area, I recommend seeing this band live.
Additional Ether is available through 8ctopus Records and through Extreme Music.
1. Dresden (19.21)
2. Tokyo (18.23)
Highly Recommended! I will not post a download link as this is available for purchase directly from ROTORELIEF!


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